November 11, 2015

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For the love of Starbucks, who cares about the red cups?

It’s red and green, that’s Christmas-y
Apparently the thing to do these days is

rage on the internet against Starbucks. If you’re important enough, you can rage in person about boycotting Starbucks. Why all the rage? Because a cup is red instead of decorated with Christmas-y stuff. This is so ridiculously #firstworldproblems it hurts to even think about. So I have a suggestion for the seething masses… shut up and enjoy your coffee. If you don’t like Starbucks coffee (it’s burnt bla, bla) go to Peets. If you don’t like Peets, go to Philz. If you don’t like Philz, go to Bluebottle. If you don’t like coffee, enjoy some nice tea.

And please remember, if a 5 year old would whine about it (“Mommy, Mommy! I wanted the red cup! Not the icky green cup!") … you probably shouldn’t be throwing a tantrum about it on the internet.