January 14, 2016

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Winter Urban Garden: I have no idea how to water

Dateline: 2015-12-17

The GreenStalk Garden System that I’m using provides many cool features, including a handy water reservoir. As you can see from the image it provides markings for how much water to add based on the number of tiers your using. The only problem is that it also has a sizable drain to flow down to the lower tiers. Filling it up to the “5” mark is almost impossible (or at least requires a HUGE amount of water) since it drains quickly. So I’m back to “winging it” for watering. Fortunately we’ve had a bit of rain in SF this winter so far, so the plants won’t die (yet).

IMG_3387 IMG_3384

First up today is the “Jade Cross” Brussel sprouts. I don’t know anything about said sprouts, but my girlfriend loves then and wanted to give them a shot. They’re looking extremely healthy so far, so I suspect that I will be learning to eat said green things in short order. Second up is the cilantro which we’ve grown before. Somewhere in the herb’s lineage is a lot of weed (I’d wager) so it’s fairly hard to kill from what I’ve seen.

2015-12-17 08.16.05 IMG_3382

Ah, the ever popular chocolate mint. As testament from my transplanting experiments from the summer, mint is damn near impossible to kill. So while that’s not a concern sometimes the leaves can be so small they’re almost useless. At the current time they’re still growing larger so I’m happy. Lastly is the strawberry I mentioned last time, the fruit is ripe now and ready for the picking/eating. Which it promptly was. And yes, it was delicious.