July 14, 2015

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Urban garden goes bananas for tomatoes

Dateline: 2015-06-07

Basil has been doing decently
Since we left

the garden about 6 weeks ago, the growth has been solid. The basil has been coming along decently and a number of the “kit” veggies have started to sprout. We’ve even had some great successes on the Tomato front, including the import of ~10 more tomato plants. Frankly I was amazed most everything had survived the experiment so long. My past history with plants is… best left to the plastic kind. I was really getting into this gardening thing!

Look on the left!
We were very excited to spot our first tomato fruit, it was off the Bush Goliath that we had bought at Home Depot from the last post. While the tomato isn't ready to be eaten yet, we knew it would be coming to a plate sooner or later. I was excited for something to come from the garden that wasn't basil or mint. Not that herbs are a bad thing, but they're much less exciting to me.

My friend also had a large number of tomato plants at home that had regrown from the year before, so ~10 of those plants were picked up and brought to join the urban garden adventure. Most of the pots were too small or didn't fit our aesthetic, so we procured 4 of the Ikea PS FEJÖ self-watering pots. They are about 12" across, which is quite large and perfect for Tomatoes. Of course it also required a few more cubic feet of potting mix for all the pots. Our Goliath also got migrated to a new pot.

I took this opportunity to rearrange the patio a bit so the plants got more sun during the day. As you can see from the right, we had quite the collection of plants after we were done. Almost all of the tomatoes were planted two to a pot, due to pot constraints, but they should be okay since there is a lot of depth on the pots. Most of them don't look like much, but being regrowths, they'd already proven they were quite resilient (which is exactly what was needed for surviving both an urban garden... and me).