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Goodbye Chuck! 0

Goodbye Chuck!

Last week saw the end of one of my favorite shows in recent television memory, Chuck. If you’re into geekry, you probably haven’t missed the fact that Chuck was on and you will, like me, be sad it is over. It almost ended at the end of the second season due to network stupidity, but I’m really glad it got a chance to suceed for five full seasons (thank you...

Review: From Dusk till Dawn trilogy 0

Review: From Dusk till Dawn trilogy

Recently, I watched all 3 films in the From Dusk till Dawn trilogy. The first was great, while the sequel and prequel (film #3) were not really worth anyone’s time. There will be some minor spoilers ahead.

Review: Nikita (2010) after 2 episodes 0

Review: Nikita (2010) after 2 episodes

September is an interesting month when it comes to the TV. There are actually shows worth watching coming on the air. Occasionally there is even a promising (ie not reality TV) new show that might be worth watching. One of the new ones this season is “Nikita” styled after Le Femme Nikita of the 90s (which was based on a movie of the same name). I never watched the original...