September 21, 2010

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Review: Nikita (2010) after 2 episodes

September is an interesting month when it comes to the TV. There are actually shows worth watching coming on the air. Occasionally there is even a promising (ie not reality TV) new show that might be worth watching. One of the new ones this season is “Nikita” styled after Le Femme Nikita of the 90s (which was based on a movie of the same name). I never watched the original and have no information on it, but the new Nikita caught my eye because Maggie Q, the titular and title character, is hot.

Yes, I’m putting it right out there. I saw

Maggie Q in Die Hard 4 (remember “Asian hooker bitch” as McClain called her? Yea, that’s her) and I thought she was A) hot and B) did a great job. Along comes Nikita which is another “kick ass and wear as little as possible” role, and I was totally game.

The first episode of Nikita was Maggie Q spending as much time in as little clothing as possible. I mark this as a tick in the “Good” column. Unfortunately, episode 2 isn’t quite so over the top with their use of sex to sell. It is actually a good thing because at some point the “lack of clothing in a leading female” can get ridiculous.

All shows these days have an overarching story line. The days of “Planet a Day” or “Crime a Day” are behind us and most every show has some larger story (well, other than Law and Order). The question then becomes: when will they get to it and how much will you care? The overarching story is well announced in Nikita: She was recruited by an evil black ops group, she got out, and now she wants revenge. So we know the “big picture” from day one, and it doesn’t get in the way, as it does in some series, where they try to get you into the big picture before they sell you on the series itself, which consequently leads to them getting boring fast.

After watching episode 2, I have a fairly good feeling about the series. It has continued strong, involved the big picture, and kept me interested. I enjoy the big picture, but only to a point and generally as a means to have a logical reason to continue the series. Nikita has introduced that larger story line, which is actually a sub-character/story (typical A-Story/B-Story) and mostly interesting in it’s own right. For episode 2, they spend a little too much time in back history about a character that I don’t care about yet — 2 episodes is just not enough time to form a bond.

For now though, I’ll keep watching it.