October 18, 2010

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Review: The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

Recently, I watched The Gamers: Dorkness Rising and felt it deserved a mention on the blog.

No spoilers contained herein.

The movie is about a dungeon master (DM) who is trying to write a story he can use to get his module published. For those that don’t know, a module is like an expansion pack. It is usually a self-contained story that you can use your existing characters on and then go do something else. The problem the DM is running into is that his players keep dying (and he feels it is all their fault, while they of course blame him), which is causing him writer’s block as he had planned to write the story based on what happened with his player group. After the latest round of player death’s one of his gamers calls him up and tells him that they need two more players, so the group starts looking. Eventually, they are able to recruit a girl gamer (who happens to be one of the exes of the current group), but are unable to get anyone else because of the group’s reputation (apparently, they are quite cruel to n00bs).

Eventually, the story progresses and our characters all grow a little bit (and this takes place over more than one gaming session). All well and good, very moving stuff, blah blah blah, but there are 2 other bits of information I found amusing:

  1. The three gamer guys all cram onto a motorcycle to go get waffles. DISCLAIMER: Don’t ever put more than 2 people on a motorcycle (that has no sidecar) — it is dangerous (and sometimes illegal).

  2. In the latter part of the film, Lodge, the DM, is wearing a white Time to Die, Nerd-Boy! shirt from Sluggy Freelance, my favorite webcomic.

Final thoughts: If you are a tabletop role player, you might just want to buy this flick. Otherwise, I’d recommend renting it, of course if you have Netflix Instant Watch, you could just queue it up.