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Living Room perfection with NVIDIA SHIELD TV

For cord cutters like myself, TV entertainment has been dead for years. I bought a TV out of instinct; every living room I’ve seen has a couch and a TV. Netflix and YouTube lived on my lovely desktop monitors, which allowed for multitasking and not actually watching that video content. However, my living room life changed when I came across the Roku 3 box. This wonderful box allowed me to...

The Xbox One on-boarding kinda sucks 0

The Xbox One on-boarding kinda sucks

Way back in 2001, I was lucky enough to get an (original) Xbox shortly after launch. At the time, the Carson City Target was not a terribly popular place to buy video games. Jumping up to 2005 I had become a fairly solid fan of the platform and managed to get an Xbox 360 a few months after launch. However by the time the Xbox One came around, real life...

The Steam Controller is here! 0

The Steam Controller is here!

This week saw the first major shipment of the Steam Controllers for those who pre-ordered early. The controllers have been a long time coming as Valve has been talking about their concept units since 2013. As Valve hasn’t been involved in the hardware business in the past, nor is there a solid baseline for what a PC game controller should look like, it wasn’t a surprise for the development cycle...

PSA: Spend your Converted Microsoft Points Before June 1 0

PSA: Spend your Converted Microsoft Points Before June 1

A while back Microsoft decided to do away with “points” and “point cards” for its Xbox service and converted everything to the user’s local currency. In the small print during that conversion was that your existing points would be expiring on Monday June 1, 2015. You should have also received one or more emails about this.

Digital Holiday Sales 0

Digital Holiday Sales

Just in time for winter breaks, holiday travels, and last minute gifts, it’s Steam and sales! The Steam holiday sale started today, but I’ve been much more enamored with lately. They are on Day 8 of their sale, offering “Turn-based 4X Classics”: Alpha Centauri (with Alien Crossfire), Master of Orion 1-2, Colonization, Fragile Allegiance, Galactic Civilizations, and Space Empires IV for $10.99. Plus, unlike some other etailers, if...