May 28, 2015

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PSA: Spend your Converted Microsoft Points Before June 1

A while back Microsoft decided to do away with “points” and “point cards” for its Xbox service and converted everything to the user’s local currency. In the small print during that conversion was that your existing points would be expiring on Monday June 1, 2015. You should have also received one or more emails about this.

With the expiration date almost upon us, you may need to get spending.

First off, check to see if you have any points:

If you do it will be located under the “Transactions” header and will say something like: “In your Microsoft account: $4.94”

If it says “In your Microsoft account: $0.00” then you don’t have to worry about the expiration since there’s nothing to expire, otherwise you need to get spending.

If you would like suggestions on how to spend it, keep on reading.

  1. DLC for your existing games.
  2. Purchase a full version of a demo you enjoyed

If those don’t work, try some of these (most if not all have additional DLC you can purchase):

  1. Castle Crashers — $14.99
  2. Crimson Alliance — $9.99 (access to one class) or $14.99 (access to all three classes)