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America, please calm down

Look, America, it’s time to chill out. All this nonsense that’s been going on since the election needs to stop. There is absolutely no reason for the protesting, looting, assault, harassment, and rioting. You aren’t doing anything constructive and as a whole are doing far more damage to the country than any single person has done to date.

Apple vs FBI = Ends vs Means 0

Apple vs FBI = Ends vs Means

In the technology world, the “Apple vs FBI” situation is being hotly debated. Tim Cook put out a memo (and then an FAQ), Google’s all in on supporting Apple, as is Mark Zuckerberg, and even a touch of Microsoft. If Apple’s refusal to help the FBI is so widely supported by the tech community, why does half of America think the opposite? The answer is simple: Most people don’t care...