America, please calm down

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  1. Used to be a Fan says:

    Maybe you should just stick with tech. Not sure where you are getting your post-truth information but like most of the crap posted on the internet you take something and twist it out of proportion. Reading your article it would seem like some parts of this country are on fire. There have been some incidents on both side but for the most part it’s like you said, assholes being assholes and spouting the current flash point topic to try to justify their behavior.

    Your story of David Wilcox in Chicago is a perfect example. Most of the News…I mean hyperbolic entertainment sites posing as real news sources loudly claimed that it was a bunch of angry democrats taking it out on a Trump supporter. And then you have people like yourself taking this at face value and ranting. Without really taking the time to get to the truth.

    David’s vehicle and another vehicle side swiped each other (no one knows who was at fault or what types of interactions were had) and when they got out out to exchange information the thugs in the car/nearby attacked him. Bystanders looking on started shouting that David was a Trump supporter. Problem is that according to the police there was NOTHING to indicate that David was a Trump supporter. He was not wearing anything nor was there anything in or on his car to indicate his affiliation. It was just a bunch of thugs saying things with no knowledge. Just b/c someone is white doesn’t make him a Trump supporter. A mob will say mob things, doesn’t make it true or relevant. Just like the increase in violent racial/religious/ethnic is being perpetrated by true Trump supporters. Just b/c some idiots are doing things in his name is not a reason to color all Trump supporters in the same brush.

    Of course it’s so easy to sensensionalize instead of seeing this for what it is, something that happens in violent areas of this country hundreds of times a day but if some idiot mentions Trump it’s a much better story.

    • Jon says:

      I had to reread your comment about 6 times to figure out if this was some sort of spambot posting, since most of it has nothing to do with what I wrote. Let’s take a quick look at it.

      #1 – “post-truth information” — If you’d care to read my article rather than rant hatefully. You’ll see that most of what I was asking for was people to calm down. In fact it says so in the title. It was less about who’s doing what and more about everyone has gone crazy – and lets chill out.

      #2 – David Wilcox — I had no idea who that was since I didn’t mention any specific people in my article. The Tweet/Video I linked to was Nov 9th. This post was up Nov 11th (written slightly before that). David’s name had not come out, at least that I had seen. Regardless if you’d read the section I wrote, while some of the finer point details may be wrong… the end point was that it wasn’t just “Trump supporters” running around and doing stupid shit. There is a lot more information out now about what happened (more than a month after the original incident) like the fact that David was a Trump supporter — but it doesn’t really matter. The point was the people attacking him were obviously Anti-Trump. Which is the point I was making.

      #3 – “Just b/c someone is white doesn’t make him a Trump supporter” — This is such a laughable assumption I don’t even know where to start. I suspect there is just as many non-rich-white people who voted for Trump because he appealed to their more baser desires (like promises to shake up the corrupt politicians). Hell, I’m white and I didn’t vote for Trump.

      #4 – “he increase in violent racial/religious/ethnic is being perpetrated by true Trump supporters” — That was the entire point of this article, that you obviously missed. There is shit going down by Trump supporters, hence the link to “Day 1 in Trump’s America”. There is also shit going down by Anti-Trump, hence the link to the “David Wilcox” video.

      #5 – “so easy to sensensionalize” — See, I was asking people to calm down. I actually don’t like the violence, or the protests, or the hate thats going on. It doesn’t matter if it’s because of Trump, or because of Hilary, or because of Islamaphobia. It just so happens this election set off a powderkeg.

      #6 – “crap posted on the internet” — I sourced things that were readily available on the internet. Specifically very popular topics of the moment. A moment which was now almost 6 weeks ago. Things have changed since then. However, part of what drove me to writing this was the fact that I had to fight my way though some of these protests in San Francisco. So it was very real to me what was going on. Not just some “hey look at what the internet says”. But still, this is my blog and “hey look, this is my opinion”.

      So tldr: My article is about asking people to calm down and be constructive. Especially as it related directly to the outcome of the election. By fighting my article it seems like you are one of those people who wants to go out and loot and burn and pillage and protest. You’re upset by a reasonable voice showing that both sides are being stupid and no one is morally superior to the others. I was pro-calm. You are pro-hate? Seems like a shame.

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