November 11, 2016

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America, please calm down

Look, America, it’s time to chill out. All this nonsense that’s been going on since the election needs to stop. There is absolutely no reason for the protesting, looting, assault, harassment, and rioting. You aren’t doing anything constructive and as a whole are doing far more damage to the country than any single person has done to date.

I hate talking politics, I hate that I even feel the need to write this post. While this blog is somewhat freeform, I pride myself on sticking to mostly technology. In the 10+ years of Obviate, I can only find 3 articles that mention anything remotely political (”

Voting” in 2006, “Awesome! Patriot Act” in 2006, and “Apple vs FBI = Ends vs Means” earlier this year). All that being as it is, I’m seeing a lot of stupidity and vitriol in the world centered around Donald Trump. There are a bunch of articles like Twitter Moment’s “Day 1 in Trump’s America” that is filled with postings of terrible things happening in the world. And it needs to stop.

See here’s the first and biggest problem. You know who the President of United States of America is? Barack Obama. I thought maybe I blacked out after the election so I asked the new Google Assistant. She confirmed the Obama is, in fact, still president. According to, he’s been in office for 7 years 296 days. So today is not “Day 1 of Trump’s America”, it’s actually “Day 2851 of Obama’s America”.

Stop blaming Trump for all the terrible things happening. He might be a particularly distasteful individual, but he did not riot and try to set the streets of Oakland on fire. That was a bunch of assholes looking for an excuse to be assholes. Also if you look more closely at a lot of the terrible things going on… it’s Trump-haters assaulting people who supported Trump. That’s right, it’s not some “dumb redneck” who voted for Trump that’s running around doing all the bigotry, it’s “smart” voters who supported Hillary that dragged an old man out of his car, beat him senseless and attempted grand theft auto.

What am I trying to say? What’s the TLDR? Sit down, shut up and calm down. If you hate Trump find a constructive way to deal with the problem and stop being an asshole. If you supported Trump, congrats and stop being an asshole. If that isn’t succint enough for you, relax for a few minutes and listen to what Stephen Colbert has to say about this crassness.

And before someone makes some wild ass accusation about my affiliations, I voted for Hillary. I don’t much like Trump at all. I live in the SF Bay Area, we’re practically required to hate him with a passion. But I hate fighting through protesters. I hate people using someone as a rallying point for being rude, disrespectful, and hateful. I hate what people are doing to our country that is far more destructive than anything Trump has done so far. He might say stupid shit, but people running around assaulting other people is leaps and bounds worse.