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User Data for automated RancherOS instances

There are a lot of container management services poping up these days and right now Rancher is my choice in solutions (for the moment). One of the coolest accessories to go with this container ranch is RancherOS. The OS is purpose built to do nothing but Docker and, in fact, runs the few required system services in Docker as well. Comming in at a massive 27MB (For v0.4), it’s a...


What is machine learning and why you want it in the home!

Almost everyone has heard the term “machine learning” thrown around. It’s used in some vague context about how computers and/or technology are suddenly and magically going to make the world a better place. That sounds cool, but what exactly does “Machine Learning” mean? From 1959: Machine Learning – a “Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”. Computers (or code, or machines in general)...

Automated Screen Launch 2

Automated Screen Launch

At my previous company I set myself up a screen server as mentioned in my previous post, “A screen/shell server is awesome!“. There were only a half dozen servers there so if the screen server got rebooted, it wasn’t a big deal to get my sessions back up and running. At my new company we use virtual machines, so there are quite a number more “servers” to connect to. As...