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Food Review: Camp BBQ (San Francisco) 0

Food Review: Camp BBQ (San Francisco)

After several nights of drinking and debauchery, Lauren suggested a slight change of pace for an evening excursion. There was this new Japanese BBQ place out in the Inner Richmond which she’d been to once and claimed that “it was to die for”. To me, “Japanese BBQ” typically means yakitori and a few similar items. Sure it’s tasty, but it’s not exactly exciting. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect,...

Happy Fireworks Day! 0

Happy Fireworks Day!

Yeah, I know, it’s the Fourth of July. Typically one calls today Independence Day (great movie Bee Tea Dub, rumored to have sequels in the works – yes plural). There are a lot of events going on today. Parades, BBQs, crazy summer hijinx… but really the highlight of the day is the Fireworks. When I was a wee chibi (thank you Wikipedia for having tons of silly articles), I was...