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Black Friday Deals 2

Black Friday Deals

Amazon (as has become usual) is currently doing Black Friday Deals Week. As has also become usual, many of the major retailers (and e-tailers) have published information on their “doorbusters” and big ticket items ahead of time.

Why do I bother with Best Buy? 1

Why do I bother with Best Buy?

When I was younger, Best Buy was THE place I could and would go for new releases. Apparently, this changed at some point, though I don’t know when; I must have missed the memo. Recently, I wanted to get Survival of the Dead on Blu-Ray (yes, I am a Zombiphile, why do you think we have a Zombie Apocalypse category?); I wasn’t even aware it was available for home consumption,...

Review: Memento 0

Review: Memento

This review will be spoiler free, so if you haven’t watched the film feel free to read on without worry. I recently picked this up on sale at Best Buy for $10, in one of the very rare instances when Best Buy had a better price than Amazon. The movie stars Guy Pearce playing a man who has a special form of memory loss that prevents him from forming any...