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Let WordPress (not) snow 0

Let WordPress (not) snow

Have a wordpress blog? Is it still snowing? Would you like to turn it off? It’s really quite easy. Login to your Admin Settings General Uncheck “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.” Save Oh, yea, it’ll automagically turn itself off tomorrow anyways. However this way you won’t be surprised by the snow next year. Enjoy your Winter!

Happy Birthday Snowulf! 0

Happy Birthday Snowulf!

Recently, I was looking back into the Snowulf blog history books and noticed a date of importance was coming up. The title of this blog post should give it away but Snowulf’s introductory post, titled “Nift New Toys & New Domains“, was posted on this day… NINE years ago. Just this Christmas holiday I was talking to someone about how I’d been blogging for “6 or so years”. When I...

Not quite dead yet 0

Not quite dead yet

It’s been forever and a day since the last time I’ve actually had time to sit down and write a blog entry. First it was a holiday hiatus, then it turned into a plain old fashion “I’m busy”, now it has just become easy to not bother finding time. Mostly work life and personal life changes have intruded upon my time. Specifically, I was hired as staff at the Wikimedia...

Upcoming Hiatus (and continuing Holiday deals) 1

Upcoming Hiatus (and continuing Holiday deals)

Jon and I will be putting the blog on hiatus until the new year, starting today. What does this mean? Basically, we aren’t planning on posting on a regular basis for the rest of the year. If we have something important, we may throw up a quick post, but mostly we are both busy with year end related stuff (both personally, and on the job). In a bit of happier...

Change of Blog Schedule 1

Change of Blog Schedule

Last month, Jon pointed out that it was necessary for us to change the schedule of the blog and move from posting at 10 AM (Pacific) each day to 3 PM. Well, things haven’t particularly improved, so we are going to revert back to 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for some unspecified length of time. In other news, Happy Halloween!