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Fresh Install on Alienware M15x 0

Fresh Install on Alienware M15x

Whenever we get new machines for the office, Jon will reformat and reinstall them to get rid of all the “crap” that they are shipped with. Normally, this is a good thing as it will make let us start fresh, however sometimes this can cause problems. The first problem I ran into was after using my newly configured laptop involved it slowly dying. It started with the machine locking up...

Amazon’s desperate Video On Demand promotions 2

Amazon’s desperate Video On Demand promotions

Last night I was surfing Amazon MP3 for some new music, nothing exciting really.  While extremely rare, I decided to splurge and buy an entire album.  Before I had even begun the track downloads, I had a new email from Amazon.  To be exact, it was an email stating: Your recent order entitles you to a promotional code that you can apply on your next qualifying order.

Review: The Last Samurai on Blu-Ray 0

Review: The Last Samurai on Blu-Ray

I remember very clearly when The Last Samurai was first coming out. The thought of Tom Cruise ruining what could be a decent movie on feudal Japan was forefront in my mind. Far happened to be in town so she and I went down to see the movie in Carson City, not expecting much. What did happen was that we both walked out of the movie very impressed with how...

Review: Memento 0

Review: Memento

This review will be spoiler free, so if you haven’t watched the film feel free to read on without worry. I recently picked this up on sale at Best Buy for $10, in one of the very rare instances when Best Buy had a better price than Amazon. The movie stars Guy Pearce playing a man who has a special form of memory loss that prevents him from forming any...