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Guild Wars 2’s First Holiday Event 0

Guild Wars 2’s First Holiday Event

Jon and I have been playing Guild Wars 2 for quite awhile. He’s a Human Ranger, while I’m an Asuran Elementalist. We are both enjoying the game (especially the level scaling so that we can party together successfully, even when we are a few levels apart) and looking forward to its recently announced first major event. And what might that first major event be? Why, Halloween, of course!

Guild Wars 2 is out, and it is good 0

Guild Wars 2 is out, and it is good

This last week has been slightly problematic. Not only did we see the launch of Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2 hit beta and Counter Strike: Global Offensive dropped. It’s been a very busy week indeed. I haven’t spent much time in CS:GO and PS2 is still under NDA, so I wanted to spend a few minutes recounting the simple joys of Guild Wars 2.

A (p)review of the Guild Wars 2 beta 0

A (p)review of the Guild Wars 2 beta

Guild Wars 2 had an open beta this past weekend and I received an invite since I had pre-ordered the game (back in August of 2009, for the record). It was very clearly labeled as an open Beta, “Feel free to talk about it with your friends,” noted the load screen. Sure, it’s just NCSoft trying to drum up more interest, but I’ll help them out by giving you a...

Don’t use IGE – EVER 4

Don’t use IGE – EVER

I’m going to completly skip the subject of RMTs (Real Money Transfer) and just say that I do. You can dislike it, that’s fine. But for those of you that also do RMTs (in order words you pay money for gold in World of Warcraft, or any other MMOG) – heed these words. DO NOT USE IGE. I used to use IGE for all my gold buying needs – be...