March 15, 2008

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Don't use IGE – EVER

I’m going to completly skip the subject of RMTs (Real Money Transfer) and just say that I do. You can dislike it, that’s fine. But for those of you that also do RMTs (in order words you pay money for gold in World of Warcraft, or any other MMOG) — heed these words. DO NOT USE IGE. I used to use IGE for all my gold buying needs — be it WoW, SWG, FFXI, Guild Wars or countless others. As of late, I tried twice (yes, I gave them two chances) about two months apart. Once in January and once just the other day.

Here’s what happened in January. When I ordered their website said they had gold in stock and ready for delivery within 1 hour. I pressed the “I’m online, please deliver” button and waited and hour plus, 4 times in a row. I emailed them part way through and a few hours they wrote back saying “yes, we haven’t delivered”. I asked for a refund and eventually got it.

Here’s what happened in March. I ordered a relatively small amount of gold, again when their website said they had it in stock. I pressed the “I’m online, please deliver” button and waited. When they didn’t show up I went to their live chat and asked if they had gold in stock — to which they told me they had NONE. I sent them an email asking for a refund. I got back a more or less canned response saying “We’re sorry, we’ll make it up to you” to which I said no thanks and asked for my refund (again). I ended up sending 7 more emails after that asking for my refund. Every time I did, they gave me the same load of crap to the effect of “We are working on it, we’ll give you a bonus, please hang in there” and completely ignored my request for a refund. After the 9th email they finally gave in (I think). 6 minutes after I received the email from them saying that they had processed the refund (tell that to PayPal), I received another email confirming my order details.

The long story short is that IGE has lost my business — and hopefully yours. They’ve gone from the most respectable gold sellers out there, to one of the worst. Not only that, I’ve found at least 3 other “companies” that are IGE in disguise. They are: , , . Before you order from anyone online — check their “Live Help” or “Contact Us” page and see if it uses the same format IGE’s does. Feel free to chat up their “Live Help” — I did with team-vip — they responded EXACTLY as IGE’s did (and I actually think I had the same rep for both).