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Using Geckoboard with HelpSpot 0

Using Geckoboard with HelpSpot

One of the cool tech toys I’ve been introduced to at my job is called Geckoboard. It’s a nice slick website that allows you (or your company) to have a custom web-based dashboard with whatever data you want. Geckoboard is cool, but the power lays in its ability to be used for custom widgets. With these custom widgets, you can push/pull data from any source you want and have it...

Helpdesk with HelpSpot 3

Helpdesk with HelpSpot

For the last several years I’ve been using RT: Request Tracker by Best Practical for help desk ticket tracking. It’s not a bad piece of a software, and V4 was a fair step forward… but you get what you pay for. RT is Open Source and free. At my new job I was in need of a ticket tracking system, so I went looking for something new, something better, something...