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Busy playing PlanetSide 2/Holiday Hiatus 0

Busy playing PlanetSide 2/Holiday Hiatus

Jon and I are both busy playing PlanetSide 2, which launched recently. It is free to play. If you haven’t tried it, why haven’t you? If you are curious about starting, but want some intel, check out this reddit filled with tips and tricks. Also, Snowulf is taking a hiatus for the holidays. See you next year!

PlanetSide 2 launched today! 0

PlanetSide 2 launched today!

Today marks the release of PlanetSide 2. But before you start installing (the free 2 play) PlanetSide 2, you (apparently) need to uninstall the beta. Jon and I were both surprised by this, but according to @planetside2, it is necessary.

Planetside 2 is out of NDA! 0

Planetside 2 is out of NDA!

In what has become the typical way for getting news, John Smedley, the President of Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), tweeted that the NDA for Planetside 2 has been lifted. It’s a smart move since attempting to be secretive with thousands of testers in a semi-open beta never really works. Previously I’d mentioned I has been playing, and now I can actually talk about it!