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Please Google, Don’t shame HTTP (yet) 2

Please Google, Don’t shame HTTP (yet)

Last week there was a big hubub around the revelation that “Google Will Soon Shame All Websites That Are Unencrypted“. People were freaking out and cats and dogs were running loose in the streets. Sheer pandemonium. The reality was that Google didn’t announce it, but someone talking at a conference had the feature flag turned on in Chrome. Google did explain that they wanted to do this eventually for “security”...

Migrating Apache SSL Certs to IIS 6.0 0

Migrating Apache SSL Certs to IIS 6.0

You probably think I’m crazy to mention IIS 6 in this day in age; you’d be right. Unfortunately legacy systems are legacy systems till they get replaced (hopefully soon). This weekend I had the joy of figuring out how to migrate a valid Apache SSL cert over to an old Windows 2003 box running IIS 6.

Samba and LDAP DO NOT MIX 5


Recently I was tasked with helping a company implement a centralized authentication system, and they wanted to go all open source. This isn’t unreasonable in my book, though it is a little unusual. Of course the words “Open Source Authentication” directly translates to LDAP, the only question is which LDAP software you’re going to use. There are a number of options including OpenLDAP (slapd), Fedora Directory Server (389), OpenDS, Apache...

WordPress: Enabling SSH/SFTP Updates 26

WordPress: Enabling SSH/SFTP Updates

The first time I dealt with WordPress was when I first started doing IT administration for FanHistory. At that point in time I knew nothing about it and it was breaking horribly.  Luckily I managed to fix the issues (which turned out to be Varnish proxy related) and get it standing mostly on its own two feet.  One of “minor annoyances” I ran into then and absolutely had to figure...