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Digital Holiday Sales 0

Digital Holiday Sales

Just in time for winter breaks, holiday travels, and last minute gifts, it’s Steam and GOG.com sales! The Steam holiday sale started today, but I’ve been much more enamored with GOG.com lately. They are on Day 8 of their sale, offering “Turn-based 4X Classics”: Alpha Centauri (with Alien Crossfire), Master of Orion 1-2, Colonization, Fragile Allegiance, Galactic Civilizations, and Space Empires IV for $10.99. Plus, unlike some other etailers, if...

Moving your Steam Library to an External Drive 0

Moving your Steam Library to an External Drive

Lately, my computer’s hard drive has been filling up (this may or may not have something to do with Steam and Humble Bundles) and I realized the solution was to uninstall some of my games. But lo, just before I clicked that sad button, I realized that I had a spare hard drive that was just ripe for being an external steam library.

More Holiday Deals! 0

More Holiday Deals!

Amazon is still doing expanded Holiday Deals. Even better than that, Steam is having a Holiday Sale. Now through December 31, you can get “gifts” or coal from steam for completing achievements. The gifts can be coupons or full games, additionally, the coal can be traded in for more gifts or further entries into a giveaway. Lastly, Microsoft is doing 12 Days of Xbox Deals (more info here). Merry Christmas...

Black Friday Deals 2

Black Friday Deals

Amazon (as has become usual) is currently doing Black Friday Deals Week. As has also become usual, many of the major retailers (and e-tailers) have published information on their “doorbusters” and big ticket items ahead of time.