Daily Archive: January 26, 2005

Quick Link – Linux Viri! 0

Quick Link – Linux Viri!

Ok, so our friendly friends over at NewsForge wrote up an article about running Windows Virus’s under Linux. I’m sure other have thought (and probably done) this before, but I’d never thought of it. Personally I find it hilarious. Next time I get a virus in my email I’m going to install Wine and see if I can run the virus.

Asterisk! 0


So your looking into finding cheap long distance for your IAX2 compatible system (for those that don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about VoIP terminator services for your Asterisk PBX). I’ve been playing with a few of these services recently. I have to say that VoipJet works. They aren’t anything fancy, you have to prepay, but their systems work. You can fake your own Called ID, and all...

Go! Get your 30day free trial! 0

Go! Get your 30day free trial!

Did I mention the 30 day free trial is for a domain name? Now what in the name of ARPANET are they thinking? Please people, you don’t have 30 day trials of domain names. Not just any domain names mind you, your very own, personalized .NAME TLD. Oh sigh. This is an almost new TLD (went live early January 2005). Though they have major “family” names pre-reserved. This is so...