January 26, 2005

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Go! Get your 30day free trial!

Did I mention the 30 day free trial is for a domain name? Now what in the name of ARPANET are they thinking? Please people, you don’t have 30 day trials of domain names. Not just any domain names mind you, your very own, personalized .NAME TLD. Oh sigh. This is an almost new TLD (went live early January 2005). Though they have major “family” names pre-reserved. This is so you can get myname.family.name (because family.name is reserved by the .NAME NIC).

Trial? Anyone? Please? Yea, didn’t think so either. Go buy your actual name, squat it for the future, call it a day (that’s what I did). Ok, so I cant “Cybersquat” my own name, because I am the rightful owner, the point is still there.

Also, for those that have been out of the DNS loop for a while, things are much more speedy than they used to. Less than 4 hours on average when you buy a new domain (most times less than 1 hour) for it to work. NS/DNS changes are almost instantaneously (again, can take up to an hour, but most changes I’ve made recently have been in effect in less than 5 minutes).