January 26, 2005

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So your looking into finding cheap long distance for your IAX2 compatible system (for those that don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about VoIP terminator services for your Asterisk PBX). I’ve been playing with a few of these services recently. I have to say that VoipJet works. They aren’t anything fancy, you have to prepay, but their systems work. You can fake your own Called ID, and all those good services.

Now, for a service I recommend you steer clear of, so clear you at least on the other side of the milky way NuFone. Their website is terrible, their “support" department (note, you cant find their email address for support anywhere on their site). Worst of all, they have no idea what’s happening. When you sign up, they don’t send you an email of how to config you system or activate your account (they claim they will, but they done). I stumbled into their web interface which looks like a 5th grader programmed it (I could make a better web interface using QBasic and I’m not a big programmer). I turned on my incoming calls and configured them in Asterisk, worked just fine. Couldn’t make outgoing calls for the life of me. After being insulted by their support team for not using the config settings they sent me in the initial email (note, the email I never got), they sent me new configs. I did not user their info, I tried my service again (this is after 48-72 hours of trying to deal with them) and it worked. Guess what, they never turned on my fragin service in the first place.

Now I have to get PayPal involved (that’s how I paid NuFone, thankfully) to resolve this. I’ve emailed NuPhone’s support department a number of time with no response anymore to canceling my account. It’s sad day, I really hate to do this.