Daily Archive: January 29, 2005

Yea! My Laptop is located! 0

Yea! My Laptop is located!

Yea! My Laptop is located. Or is it. I’m getting really tired of this game. So for thoes that have missed the saga, I’ll play it back for your. I have an Averatec laptop. The quality seems to be preety good, and the prices are good too. Now as usual I some how manage to get the defective machines, its just my luck. In perticular the LCD went out (to...

Tip to the wise & Booth Babes 0

Tip to the wise & Booth Babes

Tip to the wise, when pointing IP routes through a PIX (or other firewall), dont static the firewall’s external IP address. It ends very very badly for your internet abilities. In othernews, there are some otherfully stupid people on eBay. Last month someone auction his forehead for advertising purposes (for a month or something to that effect). Niffty idea, attracted alot of attention. This month, a friend mention’s these auctions...