January 29, 2005

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Yea! My Laptop is located!

Yea! My Laptop is located. Or is it. I’m getting really tired of this game. So for thoes that have missed the saga, I’ll play it back for your. I have an Averatec laptop. The quality seems to be preety good, and the prices are good too. Now as usual I some how manage to get the defective machines, its just my luck. In perticular the LCD went out (to be more exact the LCD refresh rate became something about once a second and was completly over exposed to the point in which it was very difficult to see anything on screen). Now some may say “it could be drivers”, well thats always true, but your BIOS isn’t effect by drive issuess now is it? And the computer worked fine hooked up to an external monitor. Oh well.

So on the 7th of January I called them and got an RMA. On the 10th it went out 2day air. .. … … On the 22nd I finally wondered where my machine was so I called them. At that point in time they claimed that they hadn’t even recived it (at least it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in their system). I bitched a good bit, gave them the fedex tracking info, etc etc. I demanded they call me back Monday (24th) morning when they figured things out. Never called me back. In fact didnt hear from them all week. With me being sick and busy at work when I could stand to exist, I wasn’t exactly eager to call them. Well, today (29th), I finally called them. They said the only notes in my account were from the 13th, that the machine had arived. I’d like to point out that there were at least 3 phone calls from the 22nd & 23rd taht should have been noted in there, and the fact that the laptop arived on the 12th (so what, they lost it for a day?).

Now I have to call them back Monday morning (Jan 31st) again, to find out whats happening. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have a work laptop to use (yes, I have two laptops), I ’d be down their throats. I think on Monday I will be. If I dont have that machine back soon, there’s going to be all hell to pay. I’d like to point out that according to This RMA info PDF from Averatec, that point #3 says (and I qoute) “Once a notebook is recived at the repair facility, under normal circumstances the unit should be repaird within seven (7) business days”.

Now I was rather happy with Averatec before all this happened, the few times I called their tech support they were very helpful. Come Monday, we’ll see if the BBB, BizRate and/or others will be involved with this.