January 29, 2005

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Tip to the wise & Booth Babes

Tip to the wise, when pointing IP routes through a PIX (or other firewall), dont static the firewall’s external IP address. It ends very very badly for your internet abilities.

In othernews, there are some otherfully stupid people on eBay. Last month someone auction his forehead for advertising purposes (for a month or something to that effect). Niffty idea, attracted alot of attention. This month, a friend mention’s these auctions on ebay: here and here. Not to be mean, but… This isnt even creative. Ever heard of booth babes? Not to objectify women, but, They stand around at trade shows, look good, usually dress in something very skimpy, and get your attention. They tend to do a very good job at what they are doing. So, we’ve seen this women in advertising thing before. In fact booth babes dont even have to tatoo themselves (though it does happen).

If your bored, goto ebay and search for “Advertise on my”. I found 266 ‘items’ for sale. Many of them fake, all of them sad and pathetic. Oh and about 5 of them are creative (the rest are duplicate “advertise on my foreheads”, come on, that was cool the first time… now its old).

Still sick, still non-sensicle.