Monthly Archive: April 2005

When working with Cisco 0

When working with Cisco

If your making changes you want latter – Suggestion: Always write the configuration to memory. We haven’t been using our old voip router recently (newer gear for cooler stuff), so I was playing with it a while back (you may remember FXSs are a go! ) – Except I forgot to save my changes to memory before I was done. Sigh. I’m glad I wrote that blog entry, most everything...

Sorry to Almaden 0

Sorry to Almaden

Quick sorry to the users of the Alamden Crawler – But your crawler is eating my site ^_^. I started noticing alot of votes (which is unusual since no one reads my site) – Turns out the Alamden Crawler was casting votes, so I had to block it. Bit odd though, I never seen that crawler around before – then again there are hundreds upon thousands of crawlers out there.

WOW – Windows Comercial? 0

WOW – Windows Comercial?

So I was just watching TV (not typical) and I saw a commercial for WINDOZE. Of all things to advertise. When was the last time your average TV user went “Hmmm, I think I need to go buy windows”. What in the hell is the point of advertising the MOST USED operating system in the world?

Perl Snips 0

Perl Snips

I’ve been working on a PayPal IPN Script. The key to PayPal IPN is that they post the data to your server, you have to post it back to them with one extra query attached. Most scripts I’ve seen read STDIN directly to get the post and then break out the rest of the data from there, but I dont want to do that. I like my mod_CGI. The only...

Very Very Serious 0

Very Very Serious

I found a Very Very serious digital camera. Its the macon Hasselblad H1D Digital Camera. WOW – Its cheaper to buy a car. (I heard some sites were offerent a free G5 with purchase – But this is “old” news – I thought it was cool though).