April 26, 2005

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When working with Cisco

If your making changes you want latter — Suggestion: Always write the configuration to memory. We haven’t been using our old voip router recently (newer gear for cooler stuff), so I was playing with it a while back (you may remember FXSs are a go! ) — Except I forgot to save my changes to memory before I was done. Sigh. I’m glad I wrote that blog entry, most everything I need to get the system going happily was there.

I spent a lot of time fighting with Asterisk yesterday — So I’ll post a few bits on what I learned a little latter.

Oh — Also, I found that even old FXS’s support two lines in one (what ever the technical term is, I forget — where you have two phone lines in one cable). I currently have a nice shiny 2 line 2.4Ghz portable phone plugged into one FXS jack (2/0/0) but sadly I cant use the other port (2/0/1) also. Would be really nice if I could have 8 lines coming from the 4 ports — Oh well. I guess the FXS is smart enough that if you open the second line on port 0 — It takes from the second port. I configured 2/0/0 with ID of 600 and 2/0/1 of 601 — and it works properly with both caller ID’s.