May 3, 2005

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Basically been too busy to post anything, its shame. Sorry. I wanted to get more of the funs stuffs from asterisk posted. I put alot of work into my Asterisk configs a bit back, though it really hasn’t been used. So much stuff is happening soon, its going to prove to be intresting. My desktop/server (well it _was_ a desktop machine but it turned into the network file server — it happens ya know) died aparently. Its been running headless for a while and something happen and now its not responding. I haven’t had the time to plug in the KV&M (or speakers for BIOS messages) so I could figure out whats wrong. If it has bitten the dust again I’m just going to fruit it and re-format (it was running Windoze XP since I was playing games on it) — Since its going to end up as a server I think I’ll install Debian (unless there are other sugestions). Also, I’m thinking about turning the machine into a MythTV server & of course it will have become an Asterisk server too (And since it will function as the firewall, router, passive proxy & IPSec server). Multi-purpose is fun!

Along with this I’m going to be moving by the End of May — To where I don’t know yet — Scary.