Daily Archive: June 29, 2005

Averatec & ATI 0

Averatec & ATI

Aparently Averatec & ATI are in cahoots w/ each other. ATI refuses to provide any drivers for the Mobility Radeon 9600 I have in this machine. I’m sorry, even if the machines are specalized, they should at leave have a generic copy of their mobility drivers. Basically what ATI said to me is that they’d like me to shove it – and go buy an NVidia card. Thats fine with...

Stuck Bot. 0

Stuck Bot.

So I was just looking over the logs of my “nifty toys” – the many copies of wposion I installed previously. I saw that one bot from IP address got stuck on the very very first scrip in the series. That bot ended up loading the scipt 471 times – For a total of 45 minutes being stuck. Every other bot loaded the page once and moved on –...



The title is self explanitory. IF you were thinking about buying an Averatec notebook (laptop) computer – DONT DO IT. I have a 6100 – As I have mentioned before – And it needs new drivers. Most companies release new drivers every few months – well – Its been 9 months since I bought my laptop (and over a year since the laptop was released). Averatec hasn’t updated a single...