November 19, 2005

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Weather Station

I liked the idea of a sub-300$ weather station, that did exactly what I wanted. Yea you can get an ok Oregon Scientific weather station for a bit over 200$, but thats not as cool as making your own (and its not linuxed powered). Anyways I’m just going to post part costs & part name (a few links, the generic stuff is easy though). Most of this stuff is “old tech” so you probably have some of it laying around, so you could get away with it for even cheaper. In fact if you don’t use a Mini ITX board, its gonna save you a bundle — but I think the mini-itx’s are cool — so I priced one.

Total: 269$

Also if you wanted to go for more “generic” parts like I mentioned above you could do a bare bones system for 70$, which would bring the price down to 211$ ( almost the same price as an Oregon Scientific system — but vastly cooler).