November 20, 2005

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Apple is still jerking me around

Apple keeps responding to me with the samed canned response. “We are currently researching the issue you described and hope to have a resolution for you very soon”. Bull shit. Come on apple. who do you think your kidding? I’m willing to be a good sized chunk of your users are technically inclined. It doesnt take 3 weeks to research and issue to which you have no information.

I’ve demanded a refund twice now (I bought music, so that I own it — if I can’t do with MY music as I please — I’m returning it to the store) which they have only send canned responses to me. Now I’m tired of this shit — I’ve already filed a complaint with the BBB.

Anyone else out there that has issues with Apple (or iTunes) — I’d sugest you do the same. Search for them by their URL ( and pick one of the addressess listed in Cupertino, CA.