November 21, 2005

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RAID Machine

Before I build some awesome temperature telling device (rather useless — but novel and cool), I really need a RAID. To be presise I need alot of harddrive space on my network. I’ve been jugling several hundred gigs of audio & video files around on external harddrives and its getting a bit tedious now — I had to write up a perl program just to invintory all of what I had and where it was stored. If your wondering, no its not hundreds of gigs of illegal MP3’s (I used iTunes — well — when its not FUBAR — and am very legal now) — its hundreds of gigs of Anime that I download off of bittorent (legally — as it it not licensed in this country). On top of that I have alot of pictures that I take, my legal mp3’s (or mp4’s as the case may be), and other goodies — I’m a data packrat.

Long of the short is that I went to NewEgg and priced out what I would need to build a really really nice RAID (the kind that I could never afford — but work might let me buy ^_^). I call this machine “under a buck a gig” because thats what it ends up at. It specs out with a 4.4TB RAID 5 (12x400gig) and costs about $4,200. Here’s the detailed list:

Total (after shipping): $4,192.61 — Not bad, not bad at all.