November 29, 2005

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NuFone is once again trying to screw me over — this time for 7cents. I dont belive these people, more specifically that one person. I’m preety sure NuFone is just one person. Their service is really bad, and I cancled it after a week of using it last… January. I cancled my account then I asked for a partial refund, wouldnt do it. Filled a paypal complaint, didnt go very far as usual. I figured as long as my account was cancled — I didnt really care any more.

Until today — when they send me another bill. Its not like 7cents would kill me, but its the priciple of the thing. First they dont close my account (but I’m not paying for it) then they have the nerve to tell me I owe them money for not using their service. They told me to go online and I could check my account history for myself — guess what…. Nothings happened on my “account” since Jan 20th.

If you can avoid NuFone — I’d sugest it. Its all about the people — and theirs sucks (and so does their disfunctional service).