December 12, 2005

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Movies – Code 46 – The Aviator

I dont have much time now adays to fiddle around — especially with my win2k3 laptop BSOD’ing all the damn time (stupid RAM). So I decided to create a movie category so I can write bits about all the movies I’ve been seeing. Its only DVD movies that I get from netflix — rarely do I get to go out and see movies. So I start off with two movies.

First was Code 46, I’m not exactly sure how this got on my netflix list. It was an intresting movie that was very Orwellian — which isn’t a bad thing. My only real complaint with the movie is that they used several different languages (much like George Orwell’s Newspeak) withou providing any sort of translation — so you had to guess what was going on.

Second movie was The Aviator. It was…intresting… and really freaking long. That movie could have had an hour cut out and it would have been alot better. I can say that I didn’t know much about Howard Hughes other than the adventures with the Spruce Goose. After watching this (And realy the wikipedia article about him) I can safely say that he was a freaking nutcase — and thats all this movie was about. Yes, I know the movie was supposed to be about Howard Hughes but it was really about him being insane. They spent so much time focusing on the fact that he has nervous ticks and all sorts of other craziness. Oh — and of course the ending sucked. He flies the Spruce Goose — but do they end it there? No — he has to go insane again before the movies over.

Movie’s longer than 2 and half hours …. that isn’t shit exploding everywhere — are very tiring.