December 21, 2005

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Stumbling is good

Wireless for everyone!

Left work — got home an hour latter (note: work to home drive is 1.5 miles). In that hour I picked up 529 AP’s. This is still with just the built in antenna of my laptop. God that was awesome.

Also if your on Wiggle and in the Tahoe area — I created a group. It should prove to be fun.

Now that I’ve got to wait till the new Antenna comes in — test it out… Then begin my wardriving of the entire town. I fully intend to wardrive every street. Granted it will take a while (but not that long since I do live in a small town) but I can split it up over a few days. I might even go for a drive around the entire lake and see what I pick up — granted if I dont stop, or go off into residential area’s I wont pick up as many hot spots as I can — but thats ok.