December 23, 2005

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Wikipedia is good

I have a Wikipedia account — and spend a good deal of time on the site. I help fix typo’s, links, and some vandalism. I don’t write anything new — because if you’ve read my blog before you know I have terrible spelling and grammar — oh well. Regardless of that fact — why do people run amok on Wikipedia vandalizing large numbers of pages? Its easy enough to fix — but why do idiots do that? If you go on WP and muck up one page because your “clever” so be it — but why is that if an IP vandalizes one page, most likely every page he’s touched has been vandalized. Luckily WP makes that easy to see and easy to fix.

Its just frustrating to see people breaking something that so many have worked so hard for — but what do you expect from the jealous idiots.