December 30, 2005

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Xbox Xbox!

Well its amusing — I heard from the secretary the other day that the Bosses Xbox 360 came in. Now this was a little strange to me because I was the one who told him to order. See, I saw the lines in the stores and I saw the “you may not get an xbox till Feb 06” on ebgames and thought I should order mine post haste. My boss wasn’t that intrested in getting his yet because he’s waiting for Elder Scrolls 4:Oblivion. When I told him that if he ordered now he may not get the xbox till after Oblivion comes out — he promptly ordered from EB the next day.

So… As it turns out they put a hold on my order because of some screw up — if they hadn’t I might have had my Xbox before xmas. Oh well, I called and got it all sorted out and they said it would be in Friday the 30th. Checked FedEx and they said it would be in the 29th — so I should have my Xbox by the time this post goes live.

W00t. Project Gotham 3 and Perfect Dark Zero here I come!!! (oh, and I’ll be playing Call of Duty 2 a bit — but Kameo just looks boring). And I gotta test this iPod integration I hear about… Drool.