February 23, 2006

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Home Again

I know I didn’t post a blog for 12:01 am like I normally do. I didnt want to write “I’m home, that is all” or anything of the sort. Regardless I did make it back to Tahoe. Few stats- Trip Odometer: 901.12 miles. Average Driving Speed: 68.1 MPH. Moving Time: 13:13:30. Thats not bad at all, I left Tucson at 11:30am local time and arived at 12:15ish am local time.

I did spend alot of time on the drive back listening to pod casts. In fact I listened to about 6.5 hours of pod casts, including TWIT, Engadget, GunCast, and a few others. There was alot of good stuff to be listened to. I had never listened to the GunCast before (never had time) but it was an intresting listen. I have to say, Dvorak‘s little bit about windows on macs has prooved to be of much amusement (there was even listener mail read on Buzz Out Loud from CNET (podcast) in regards to Dvorak being crazy).

Also now that I’m back I promise to write some more, semi-intelegent tech related items (along with some gun stuff). Though tmw’s blog will be a review of my trip (more for me than you, I hate you — you evil reader you — yes all of you)