February 24, 2006

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My Trip

So the following blog entry (which I’m putting it entirely into the extended body) is going to be about my trip to Tucson. I have a terrible memory so I’m trying to write down the basics of everything for myself. I doubt anyone will want to read this.

Thursday 2/16 — Departed Incline at about 1730 to 1800. Was going to follow the GPS’s suggestion, but 120 was closed for the winter. Ended up taking 395 down, and then some strange zig zag down to 10 (Which was a bad idea). Stopped a couple times to rest for a little bit.

Friday 2/17 — Got in at about 0800 or 0900 in the morning. Was a long drive, and I was tired. Mind was killed. Went to breakfast and S&M showed up a little bit latter. We went out and did stuff, I dont remember what, but we did. I ended up by 2100 to the hotel to sleep.

Saturday 2/18 — Went out and did some more stuff. Driving around Tucson and the like, did some errands for Lauren. Shopping and the like.

Sunday 2/19 — Ange was gone most of the day, smart one. Got breakfast about 10 or so, then was out and about for errands. Got back to Lauren’s place about 1500 and she wasn’t feeling so great. Eventually sent S&M home. Lauren slept most of the evening. We went to dinner and Ange & I watched a movie after.

Monday 2/20 — Got up at 0600 to take S&M to the airpoint. Lauren still wasn’t feeling great. Traffic wasn’t bad because it was a holiday. After the airport run I ran around Tucson for a while (and ended up with lunch at Beyond Bread — tasty). I decided at this point in time there wasn’t much to Tucson other than the college. There is lots of commercial — but nothing other than that. Lauren and I hung out for a while, until she went to class. I baked my fav lemon drool cake for them and made tri-tip for dinner.

Tuesday 2/21 — Lauren was in class most of the day so Ange and I hung out. Went to an indoor range which was good. Ran about 500 rounds through the Walther. Had a couple FTF’s. Mostly I had a problem with the feed ramp — either the rounds would jam halfway into the chamber — or wouldn’t load at all (only about 5 times). All in all it wasn’t bad, gun is still breaking in. They had rental’s, but I didn’t realize that till too late — maybe next time. Latter went to campus, so I could goto the Center For Creative Photography (it sucked) and the Museum (also boring). Lauren went with me to the CCP and Museum — poor girl.

Wednesday 2/22 — Packed and checked out of the hotel. Breakfast with Ange & Lauren, then a few errands with L-san. Hung out at their place till about 1100 then decided to depart. Was on the road by 1130. Routed 10w to 95n to 40w to 395n to 50 to 28 to home.

Thursday 2/23 — Arrived at home at about 1215. Unpacked and right to sleep. Back to work bright and early.