February 25, 2006

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Full Auto Review

A month or two ago I got an XBM demo DVD which contained Full Auto. I like racing games so I gave it a shot. Both Guu and I had a lot of fun with it because it was a mix of Project Gotham, Destruction Derby and Prince of Persia. Fast forward to now. When I was on vacation I saw Full Auto in Best Buy so I snagged it, normally I’m not that impulsive but I had a good feeling about it. The last 2 days since I got back I’ve been playing Full Auto. I have to say, its alot of fun.

Anyways. The first thing I did was try some multiplayer out. I was suprised to find only 1 map, 2 cars, and 1 weapons mode unlocked. This was a bit…frustrating. I realize most people dont normally start off right into multiplayer, but Guu was over so we did. Once I realized that everything was locked and I had to play the Career mode to unlock, I did. It only took an hour to get a couple cars and tracks unlocked. Now that I’ve played it a bit I’m rather fond of this “Everything is locked” senario. Unlock PGR you feel like you’ve got a reward for every level you beat — not that most levels are terribly difficult. With in a few hours Guu and I managed to get somewhere in the range of 15-25% of the career mode beaten (not to “gold” standereds — but at least beaten). This means that obviously it wont take long to beat the single player game, but thats ok. I think the multi player on this is awesome — and the big draw.

Why should anyone play this game? (Especially if you saw the scathing reviews on other sites) Because after a long hard day at work, sometimes you just want to sit down, not have to worry about kudos or strategy, and BLOW SHIT UP. Boom Makes Jon Happy (TM).