February 27, 2006

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PMA Show!

Well the SHOT Show happened a couple weeks ago — forgot about that. But right now the PMA Show is going on in Florida. Oooo, I wish I could be there. Sadly since I can’t I just have to follow all of the news from DPreview.

The one big news item that caught my eye was the new high cap Extreme III cards that are comming out. Sadly I dont think my “old” D70 will be able to take advantage of the higher speeds of these cards. The nice part is that the prices are falling so damned rapidly. A year ago it was 90$ for a 512 non-ultra-2. 6 Months ago it was 90$ for a 512 Ultra 2. Now its 90$ for a 2GB Ultra 2. This is good for me, because I finally started shooting in raw — GASP, yes, I shot in JPG before) and its about 6MB per 6MP image.

Now if only I could get my hands on a D200.