February 28, 2006

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Well I was listening to GunCast #6 on my drive back and two articles are mentioned that caught my attention. First is that of a wife who is afraid of guns. Long story short, he husband got a gun and she’s scared of it. I find this of great amusement because this person is denser than a rock. I mean, really, if your afraid of guns and your husband got one — TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT. Do you really need “Dr. Write-Into-Your-Local-Paper” to tell you that? Besides the fact that people should respect guns, and not be scared of them. I personally respect guns, I carry one, as do many people I know. If your scared of guns, go move your self to england — I hear they have very strict gun controls over on the other side of the pond.

Article two, NRA Says to “Remember New Orleans”. Wow. NRA strikes again. While I’m not a fan of the NRA and its tactics, this just amuses me. Every citizen of N.O. who had a gun taken away just became a martyr for anti-gun-controll laws. I’m anti-gun-controll — so I think this is a good thing to me, but will it really help?

Oh and the Big Reno Show is comming up in a few weeks — I’m looking forward to it.