March 3, 2006

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Real-Money Transfers

Ah, the time honored fight about buying in-game money with real money. Recently I got into an argument with the guys in my corp in Eve about this very topic. I summed it up as this: Person A comes home from school at 2PM and plays a game till 10PM, every day. Person B works for a living, gets home and has time to play from 7PM to 10PM each night. Person A, has no “life” and very few expenses to worry about (in fact their parents may be paying for everything — including their monthly game fees) — but very little money. Person B has not alot of time to play, but has more disposable income. Since Person A plays 40 hours a week — they have ingame cash. Why can’t Person B “enjoy” their playing time, since there they have less, by purchasing in-game money with real money.

Granted anything can be skewed out of proportion, I know someone who played WoW for 50 hours a week and bought gold — but he had the money to burn — so why not? I personally don’t have alot of time to play games, so when I do play, I don’t want to spend the entire time “grinding” for money or levels (the latter being non-issue in Eve). Yes, I buy in-game money with real money. In most every MMOG I’ve played, in fact. Some might say its cheating — but guess what? I like cheating. I cheat in almost every game I play.

Now some say “each to their own”, aka if you want to buy in game money — go for it. Though many of thoes same people will claim its “cheating” or what not. I’m not forcing my views of RMT’s on you people with time to burn, so screw off and stop telling me I’m cheating.