March 2, 2006

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22LR Ammo

I actually do have a little bit to write about guns today. I spent some time at the range when I was on vacation (as I mentioned before). While I had the option of shooting other guns, I stuck to my P22 as I hadn’t shot it in a while and wanted to make sure I was still in practice (If you have to shoot at someone, you best be sure that your gonna hit them, and not some inocent down the road). The ammo I was carrying was CCI Stinger. It shoots well, I can’t complain — though I didn’t have many rounds left over. So I swapped to Winchester Super-X. My big problem with the Super-X is that the bullet isnt very rounded (unlike the Stingers). This caused a number of issues in my P22. While they worked ok, I had a number of jams during racking — while simple to fix (pull by back the action and let it rack again) its annoying. Also there were a few times when the gun simply didn’t rack a round at all.

Now its fair to blame the gun just the same, but I never had an issue with the Stingers. Even with these issues — I’d still use Super-X as target ammo. I just don’t think its safe to trust it as carry ammo — the last thing I want is my gun to jam because the ammo doesn’t load — when I need it.