March 11, 2006

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Writing Late Again

Oy, writing super late again tonight. At the moment I’m watching “Tears of the Sun". Its funny if you read the WP page and the first thing it says is “Its script originally started out as a script for Die Hard 4.” Now, I’m about half way though it — and I don’t see how this could have started out as a Die Hard Movie, Unless the script was radically different. I have to admit, so far so good on the movie.

Also watched the season finales of SG1, Atlantis and Galatica. The finale of SG1 was good, really intresting. Atlantis was….disapointing at best. Its like they has the last two or the ep of the season to go and said “Oh, I guess we should do something for the finale”. I really enjoyed Galactica, it was very good. I really liked that they did a 90mn episode — and it really took a dive from the old Galactica series (in a good way).