March 12, 2006

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Walther P99 QA – First Impressions

First things first, I did goto the gun show today in Reno. I was a little disapointed though. Last time there was a few booths with “new” guns, not many, but enough. This time there were very few — and the few that did only had a small selection (less than a dozen guns). I’d classify the show as mainly for antique collectors. Most of what you find is either Antiques, trinkets, or hard to find items (like body armor).

Oh well, no matter. I did get a chance to compare my bosses Kahr PM9 and Glock 26 (both unloaded at the time). They both seemed like decent guns by feel, but I did have on cavet. The 26 was decently front heavy, this may be counter acted by a full mag — but I just didn’t like the feel (could also be good to help against recoil — but again — just my feelings on the initial holding).

Most importantly — I got my P99. Came with 2 x 15 round Magazines (I guess the “newer” models only come with 10 — so sayeth Walthers Website). All in all, I really like the look and feel of it. There is a semi-obvious chamber load indicator, but only if you look at the gun from the top. The rear striker is a nifty little feature, gives you a nice red dot telling you the damn thing is ready to fire. At first I was really skeptical, but came to like the extended mag release lever. On the P22 the mag release is a short little thing that you almost have to operate with another finger (other than trigger), while on the P99 its long enough that you can make one fluid movement from the trigger to the release. I do have one gripe though, the decocker button sucks (look see the pictures). Its a tiny little…thing on the top of the slide. It requires you push deep enough that I can bairly do it with my thumb and its difficult to push with my index finger (note: Its not a one handed thing, so I’m using my left hand to operate the decocker). I really wish the button was a bit bigger, or designed like many other guns that have another “tab” near the slide release that acts as the decocker (its not as sleek though that way).

At least I’ll stop getting crap from my co-workers about having a “pea-shooter” or a “BB gun” (RE the P22).