March 14, 2006

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Weather People

So lets talk about the weather for the moment. In reality the weather is something that should be just scrapped from all news feeds. Why? Because its always wrong or completly useless. If you live in San Diego, you dont need to the weather report because its sunny and “nice” every day. Now if you live up in Tahoe, you learn very qucikly that the forecasters are ALWAYS FREAKING WRONG. Last night I specfically turned on the news to watch the weather report (something I never do). They said we had a winter storm comming in, it would come in around midnight is, only last 6-8 hours and be tapering off by dayfall. Oh, and it would only be 6-8inches of snow at lake level.

This morning I woke up and looked outside about 9am. There was about 18inches of new snow, and guess what? Its still snowing at 1pm. Freaking forecasters have NO FREAKING IDEA WHATS GOING ON. Their forecasts should be limited to “Snow”, “Sun”, “Cloudy” and “Rainy”. No percentages or any other “guessing”.