March 21, 2006

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Awesome! Patriot Act

Ok, so I saw this on slashdot, and most anyone who reads this blog probably reads /. also. Regardless, there was an article discussing Patriot Act: The Home Version. A completly awesome game that mocks the US Patriot Act. The sweet part is the artist made everything available for download, so you can make your own copy.

Normally I don’t do much politics, because I dont care. Though recent when I went to go purchase my most recent gun I had to provide Govt Issues ID that proved my physical address (on top of my drivers license, and my CCW. The same CCW which they run background checks on you for). Both my CCW & License had my PO Box on them (yay for not having street delivered mail) so I had to pull a CCW from another state which listed my physicial address — if not for that I wouldn’t have been able to buy a gun. (And a co-worker that was with me, who will probably read this article, got screwed ‘cause he didnt have his extra CCW’s). Why does this connect? Because the law that required this came from the US PATRIOT Act. Yippy, next thing you know they’ll require you to get a background check to be born.